‘A major purpose of our Lord Jesus’ life and death was that we might be brought to God and thus have access to God. Prayer is our breath, our spiritual life-line. It is the highest exercise of our souls, an expression of our living relationship with God. For Christians to pray is as natural as breathing.’


Derek Prime

The statement above goes some way to describe how important prayer should be for the Christian and it certainly sums up the attitude we want to support and encourage at CBBC. Prayer is one of the cornerstones of our life together as individual Christians and as the corporate body- the Church. It is also quite clear that Jesus’ ministry on earth was sustained and empowered by his prayer practice. He is often recorded in the Gospels, before and after a very busy day, finding a quiet place to pray. As a Church we also want to be sustained and empowered by the Holy Spirit as individual Christians and as a body of God’s people engaged in the work of the Gospel. We want prayer to be ‘an expression of our living relationship with God….as natural as breathing’ for everyone associated with CBBC.

We want to encourage and develop the corporate prayer life of the Church and support individual Christians with their personal prayer experience. We are doing this in a number of ways.

Corporate Prayer

Every Wednesday is assigned as a church day of prayer. To accompany this an ‘Every Wednesday Prayer Diary’ is available to those who attend CBBC. Prayer topics cover a wide range of issues of concern, local, national and international- and of concern to the work of the Gospel here at CBBC, and of those who attend here. This means that even people who are not able to attend the corporate times of prayer that day can still be part of the corporate prayer life of the Church sharing in the concerns of us all.

Our Wednesday Prayer Times

7.20am-8.20am: Early morning prayer meeting. People can come and go as they are able to.

12.30pm: Short lunchtime prayer meeting.

7.30pm-8.30pm: Evening prayer meeting, excluding the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Sunday Morning Prayer

Every Sunday morning, 10am-10.25am in the Pastoral Room. People can come and go as they are able to.


Individual Prayer

Members of the Prayer Team are available to any who would like prayer after the morning service each Sunday. The Pastor and Elders, and Pastoral Care Team can accommodate prayer at other times as requested.

A Monthly Prayer Diary is also made available to all who attend to help encourage regular personal prayer. Additionally, there are personal prayer exercises included in the ‘Every Wednesday’ Prayer Diary to encourage people to explore different styles of prayer.

Confidential Prayer Requests

Individuals can also post prayer requests via a specific e-mail address- . These requests are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Requests are then distributed to a group of people who have committed to pray for the requests made. Members of this group are not allowed to discuss the prayer topics with anyone, not even the person who has made the request, to ensure confidentiality is maintained. This is to encourage people to make their prayer requests known, even the most personal of requests. The requests are managed and distributed by just two people.