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Modern and functional room space available for rental in Inverness

We have several different rooms which are available for letting on a regular or one off basis. Please see below for information on the different rooms. It is also possible to hire out the entire building for an event – for example in a conference setup, the main auditorium can be used for lectures, several of the smaller rooms can be used for seminars or workshops, and the foyer area can be set up for lunch/tea & coffee. We have a two tier pricing system: The standard price is for businesses, individuals and public sector bodies. The discounted price is for charities and the voluntary sector. Prices for the rooms are given as £standard / £discount per hour in the text below. The entire church building can be hired for £120 / £100 per hour. A copy of our Letting Form and Terms can be seen below. For any room hire enquiries, please contact the church office on 01463 794 005, drop us an email here or complete the below form and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

Entrance Vestibule

As you come into the church there is a large multi-function area that can be set up as a cafe-type area, or can be left clear for various activities. This space is available for £25 / £20 per hour. As this area is the main thorough-fare through to the rest of the church rooms, it is usually only available for hire when the other rooms are not being used.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is a medium sized room that can comfortably accommodate 40 people sitting in a lecture type configuration, it can also be set up with Gopak type tables for group work. It has a large monitor that can be hooked up to a laptop (not provided), and a speaker system with AUX input. This room is available at a rate of £20 / £15 per hour.

Crèche Room

The creche room has a couple of couches, a toddlers table with 6 seats, a play house and a range of toys. It also has a directly accessible disabled WC including a shower and baby change area. This room is available for hire at an hourly rate of £10 / £8 per hour.


We have two smaller classrooms that are normally used for Sunday school on Sunday mornings. These classrooms have tables and chairs which can either be set up for adults or children and arranged to suit as required. These rooms are ideal for small group break out rooms or for craft type groups. These rooms are also available at £10 / £8 per hour.

Main Auditorium

The main auditorium is also available for hire, it can seat up to 250 persons. There is a full AV and multi-channel sound system that can be used. This is available for £60 / £50 per hour.

Full sound desk access will require demonstration of competence with sound equipment, or additional hire of a sound desk technician.


Tea, coffee, home baking and lunches can all be provided at an additional rate per guest if required. The kitchen is also available for use, at a one-off charge of £25 / £20 per session.

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